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About Atlas Pallets, Crates, Bins and Heat Treated Pallets
Atlas is a vertically integrated, just-in-time manufacturer. Through this vertical integration, Atlas becomes much more to your company than just another pallet supplier. Although there are significant intangible benefits that you will realize when working with Atlas, there are also several value-adding products and services that it is able to provide for your organization:

  • Pallet, Crate and Bin Design: Atlas works with you from the start. If you are needing a custom built wood pallet or crate, Atlas can assist you in the design to ensure that the specifications of the pallet or crate are suitable and strong enough for the item being shipped.
  • New Pallet, Crate and Bin Manufacturing (and/or Pallet/Crate Recycling): Atlas manufactures its standard GMA pallets by use of several automated manufacturing lines. Atlas also has the personnel, knowledge and experience to mass-produce custom size pallets and crates for your company. Regardless of the dimensional size of your pallet or crate, or the quantity that you need to have produced, Atlas is your single-source solution.
  • Heat Treatment for ISPM 15 Export Compliancy: Atlas facilitates the only pallet heat treatment chamber in Southwest Idaho. If you are an exporter and would like more information on how Atlas can begin supplying you with heat treated pallets, please click here.
  • Mold/Fungus Elmination and Prevention: In an FDA facility, mold found on your pallets or crates can have a devastating impact throughout your operation. That's why Atlas has taken special care to develop a trade-secret method to eliminate and prevent any mold from developing on pallets or crates that we supply to you.
  • Inventory Stocking and Full-Service Delivery Programs: With the assistance of forecasting from your company, Atlas has the ability to establish an inventory stocking program for your company. Also, through its' fleet of trucks and trailers, Atlas has the capability of delivering to your door. With a fully functional inventory and delivery program in place, Atlas can have the pallets you need to your door in only a few short hours notice, ensuring that your company never runs out of the pallets it needs.
  • Pallet Exchange for Broken or Unwanted Pallets: From time to time broken, unusable or unwanted standard 48x40 4-way pallets may accumulate in your warehouse or your shipping yard. When this happens, contact Atlas. Atlas pays top market value for any broken or unwanted 48x40 4-way pallets.

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