If your company is not in need of pallets, but instead needs wooden crates, containers and/or bins to ship your products, Atlas has the capability of working with your company to design and produce the perfect crate that will safely carry your product(s) to their final destination. Atlas utilizes automated lean manufacturing practices whenever possible in the crate production segment of its business. By doing this, Atlas is able to always be competitive on price, and provide your company with quick turnaround times on the production of any crate, container or bin that your company may need.

Also, if you are an exporter, and the country that you are exporting to requires that your crate be heat treated, Atlas has the capability of heat treating crates before or after they have been produced. Once heat treated, Atlas certifies your crate by stamping it with the approved certified stamp which ascertains that your crate meets or exceeds the wood packaging standards as established by ISPM 15 regulations.





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