hardwood pallets and softwood pallets
Atlas is one of the largest automated pallet manufacturers and recyclers throughout Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Utah and Nevada, with capabilities of mass-producing new hardwood and softwood pallets, exactly to your required specifications or standard GMA specs. Atlas also specializes in rebuilding and recycling used pallets to provide an economical alternative to customers who don't require new pallets to ship their products. This also allows Atlas to do its part in recycling wood materials to better conserve natural resources and preserve the environment.

For customers who export, Atlas is again there to take care of you with its heat treatment capabilities. Atlas has the ability to heat treat and certify your hardwood and softwood pallets to ensure that they make it to their intended export destination without any costly delays or complications in customs.

To learn about all the types of pallet production and recycling Atlas is capable of, please click any of the links below:

New Pallets

Used Pallets

Custom Pallets

Heat Treated Pallets
(ISPM 15 Export Compliant)

Pallet Repair

Pallet Recycling

Fumigated Pallets

Plastic Pallets

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