Airbags/ Dunnage

We offer a wide range of load securement to help maintain the integrity of your products as they are transported from point to point. Whether it be by rail, truck or container there are many options available. Any void filler we offer is designed to  minimize the impact force experienced in transit.

Downriver Dunnage


These are the perfect void filler for those spaces that are odd or require more flexibility for loading. They are lightweight and easy to handle.  Paper and Poly Woven bags are available.


These are cardboard panels and an excellent way to prevent the forward and backward motion of cargo in a rail car, truck trailer and/or containers. They provide strength and durability. Bulkhead panels are available in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.


These are easily stored honeycomb void fillers great for those lateral, side or center wall spaces. Dual-Drop Downs are also available for those center units of product. Both are useful in bracing non-rectangular loads.


These are excellent for a light weight strong load reinforcement. Lumber is used to reinforce the panels.