Pallet Design

pdsUtilizing The Pallet Design System™ (PDS), supported by the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association, Atlas is capable of designing custom  pallets specifically for your company’s unique product and shipping needs.  As a digital pallet design, specification and analysis platform, PDS sets Atlas apart from other Southwest Idaho and Eastern Oregon pallet suppliers.  Through the technological engineering capabilities of PDS, Atlas is able to design custom pallets that most efficiently fit your product and are able to handle the load weight of the product, while also ensuring minimum materials are used to conserve resources and keep your per pallet price to a minimum.   The bottom line for you, is that through PDS pallet design provided by Atlas, your company will realize significantly reduced pallet costs, significantly reduced product damage and significant increased safety throughout the unit load handling of the pallet designed.  BioPreferredLabelFurthermore, along the lines of environmental stewardship, you can also have peace of mind knowing that when your pallet is designed using PDS, it is automatically recognized as a USDA Certified Biobased Product.